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Diagnostic auto repair

Invest in keeping your car healthy

Part of car ownership is regular car maintenance. Our team can help you keep your vehicle in working order. With preventative maintenance, you can minimize daily wear-and-tear on your vehicle, increasing your car's longevity and reducing the risk of a sudden breakdown.


If it's been awhile since your last oil change, stop by our shop to have one today. We'll keep the inside of your vehicle properly lubricated, to keep everything working as it should.

Free quotes for any maintenance service

Factory-scheduled maintenance experts

Stay up-to-date on your car's maintenance needs with us.

If your car is Asian or American-made, turn to our team for all of your maintenance needs. Finwall's Diagnostic & Auto Repair specializes in working with these types of vehicles, and we do factory-scheduled maintenance for Asian and American car brands regularly.


If your car needs mileage-based maintenance or catch-up maintenance, bring it to us. If you're curious about when your next scheduled maintenance should take place, ask us - we'll look into what the manufacturer recommends for your car, based on its brand and age. Call us or stop by our Yreka, CA shop to learn more or to inquire about a free service estimate.